Purchases & Returns
All purchases from Floessence Naturals or Floessence Naturals Etsy Store, will have a 24-48 hour processing time from the time you have actually submited an order with us (either through phone call, email or online). All products will be sent with a packing slip, copy of order break down and any other essential information required for essential shipping.

During this 24-48 hour processing time, you have ONLY 24 hours to cancel the order if you need to. After 24 hours of odering with us, your product will be shipped after 24 hours or the following day (48 hours is a processing time for all products, once the product is made, we ship it). There are absolutly no refunds on any orders made with Floessence Naturals or Floessence Naturals Etsy Store. Although, please let us know if there are any problems with your order.

Thank You, from Floessence