Why choose us and who is Flo?
Greetings, I'm Florence Wright, creator of FloEssence Naturals: all natural skin care & more. I'm a wife and a mother of four beautiful busy daughters. I enjoy time with my family, date nights with my Husband and creating my Natural skin care products. My personal favorite FloEssence item is the bath detox crystals.

Never say that you are too busy or just afraid to try the "natural" route. Chemicals should be a last choice and just as or scarier than the "natural" route. Yes, "natural" is a lifestyle change, but I promise that your body will thank you. If you're already "natural", keep it going, it's the best thing for your body!

What prompted me to start a natural skin care line?
With my spiritual beliefs and research, I've learned that natural is God and "chemical" is man made. The skin is the largest organ on a body and we should take better care of it. Our baby girl suffered with severe eczema and, at first, we started using her medicated creams. Once we stop using her creams, the problem would flare back up from the lotions & soaps causing her skin some severe irritation. That's when we learned about the African black soap, which contains no chemicals & alcohol. We also learned that you should exfoliate your skin, to rid the dead, dry skin cells in order for your skin to breathe. By only using all natural products such as these, she hasn't had a flare up since. Remember, water and healthy eating works well with the FloEssence products.
Your skin is beautiful and it is the first defense your body has against bacteria, viruses and , of-course, germs. For years we believe that using lotions, hair products and soaps that are overly processed, actually help to keep us clean, feeling fresh and moisturized. Although, just like with overly processed foods, these products can contain dye, alcohol and crazy enzymes. This stuff is supposed to rejuvenate your skin, but it just dries it out so you have to use more of your lotion faster and in some cases, just damage your skin and hair.

Here at Floessence Naturals we deliver only 100% natural and organic products, with NO chemicals, NO dyes and NO "stuff" that can damage your beautiful body. Our products last longer, work better and can actually clear up minor blemishes, rather than make them worse. Most of our products have an ingredient list of 10 ingredients or less and, the best part is, you can actually understand what they are!
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