I'll be back!
Greetings FloEssence Naturals supporters!
My body has to receive some reconstruction work.
I will be on a healing cleanse but I truly thank you for trusting me with your natural skin care needs and so much more!
I will be back before you know it with even more than before.
You can find my products at various locations in Pine Bluff, AR and Little Rock, AR.
I will post those locations before my reconstruction/detox and again, I thank you all sooo much!

Featured Product
shea butter

Peace - Love - Light
Shea butter is an all natural lotion that can be applied anywhere on your body.

No chemicals, alcohol or dyes added to this butter. Straight from the tree to the jar. Your skin will thank you!


floessence naturals
You use chemicals to clean your dishes, laundry, floors and even your air. Don't you think you should give your body a break with a natural overhaul?
Pine Bluff, AR
Pine Bluff, AR